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Dreaming of starting your own business, switching careers, or maybe even quitting your job to travel the world, but scared as hell to actually take the leap?

Then mama you are in the right place.

Leaving what you know to do something new can be downright scary and overwhelming (especially when it feels like everyone is killing it and you are completely clueless).

That’s why the Big Leap Show is here.

Every week we sit down with an inspiring female business owner, leader or just all around badass to hear her story of going from dreaming to doing.

Don’t expect sugar-coated success stories around here 😉  From the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between, get ready for some real talk with real women about their journey + actionable insight on how you can do the same!

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Meet the Host

kathlyn-hart-welcomeHello there!  My name is Kathlyn Hart, and I am a salary negotiation coach on a mission to help women earn more money.

Before I took my first big leap of quitting my job in 2012, I spent years feeling stuck, dreaming of the day I could travel the world and be my own boss, but wayyyy too intimidated to take the leap.

To inspire me into action I listened to podcast after podcast on my way to and from work.  While the interviews were always inspiring, I never felt like I could relate to the guests.

Where were the stories of people freaking out?  Was I the only one wondering who the hell I was to dream these crazy thoughts?  Was I the only one questioning why I wanted something more?  Was I the only one worried I would fail miserably and end up clipping coupons and eating frozen food in my mom’s garage for life??

While I eventually took my first leap, I realized in retrospect how much quicker I would have acted had I heard more real and honest conversations.  It was from this realization that The Big Leap Show was born.

My hope is that I can bring you the podcast I wish I had had all those years ago.  Real stories with real women about the journey from dreaming to doing, so that you too can find the courage to go for your dreams… and hopefully a lot quicker than I did 😉

Interested in boosting your income or want to say hello?  Visit kathlynhart.com to connect!

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