Emilie Aries of Bossed Up shares her journey of going from dreaming to doing on The Big Leap Show podcast

After finding herself burnt out, broken up with, and laid off all at the same time, this week’s guest Emilie Aries knew she needed to make a change.

She was tired of putting her job above everything else, only to have it all fall apart, and began asking herself the big questions like, “who do I want to be,” instead of “who should I be?”

Through reflection and a lot of deep inner work, Emilie realized how much she had been trying to live up to others expectations, rather than tuning into what she wanted to do.

Inspired by her journey and the countless other women she’s met who struggle with the same challenges she once faced, Emilie founded Bossed Up, the resource she wish she had, which is helping thousands of women to create a happy, healthy, and sustainable career path. 

Tune into this episode where Emilie shares…

  • Where the idea of Bossed Up came from
  • Emilie’s personal journey with burn-out and discovering who she was and what she wanted in life
  • The three ingredients to making a change in your life
  • How she began understanding and setting her own healthy boundaries
  • The steps she took to test Bossed Up in the early days
  • How she used her existing network to jumpstart Bossed Up
  • Final thoughts on preparing for the leap, being a boss and going for your dreams
"Now is the time to get in the drivers seat of your own life." - Emilie Aries, founder of Bossed Up // For more quotes from boss babes on taking the big leap and starting a business of your own check out www.thebigleapshow.com
“Now is the time to get in the drivers seat of your own life.”
Emilie Aries

Top 3 Pieces of Advice from Emilie:

  1. Take advantage of your existing network.  When Emilie first had the idea for Bossed Up, she reached out to every person she knew to let them know about her idea. This circle of support not only joined her for brainstorming sessions at her apartment, but also connected her to their network.  Had she not reached out so publicly, she would have never made the pivotal connections like the one she had with Nicole Rogers of Role Reboot which lead to her viral Huffington post article.  Think who can you reach out to for support?
  2. Test your idea before you go big. Instead of taking months and thousands of dollar to build out an incredible website and her signature Bootcamp event, Emilie quickly tested her idea with a basic website and $500 in Facebook ads. Doing so in a low risk way enabled her to see whether or not people would actually buy a ticket to her event. For your idea, think about how you can test your assumptions in a low risk way before investing tons of time and money.
  3. There is no shame in the working game. After taking the leap, Emilie’s $10,000 in savings disappeared quicker than she anticipated.  When that happened she took a job back in digital marketing space, and over the next year and half juggled her full time job and Bossed Up.  For her, there was no shame in this game.  It was important for her to have slow and steady growth.  For you think about what it will take to grow your business and don’t feel the pressure to immediately quit your job if that’s not in the cards for you.

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