Natalie Bacon of The Finance Girl shares her journey of going from dreaming to doing on The Big Leap Show podcast

Imagine, after studying for years to graduate from law school, pass the bar, and apply for jobs, the moment has finally – your first paycheck as an official lawyer!  Now imagine that beautiful moment followed swiftly with the realization that you owe over $200,000 for your student loans…

For Natalie Bacon, this sobering fact sent her straight into a personal mission to get out of debt asap.  Along the way she started her blog, The Finance Girl, learned how to turn it into a business, and switched careers so that she could live a happier more fulfilling life.

In this episode, she’ll be sharing:

  • 4:22 – How her blog The Finance Girl got it’s start after she graduated from law school and realized just how much student debt she had
  • 8:15 – How The Finance Girl began growing into an actual business rather than just a blog and what motivates her to keep blogging while working full time and studying for the Certified Financial Planner exam
  • 14:23 – The stresses of working as a lawyer what it took to finally make her decide to leave the field.
  • 21:54 – Her first big celebrations getting paid as a blogger and learning to celebrate wins rather than getting caught up in what to do next
  • 25:50 – Top pieces of advice to others who are hoping to turn their blog into a business.
  • 32:53 – Practices she does to get her in a more positive mindset if she’s feeling unmotivated and final thoughts to aspiring bloggers.
Natalie Bacon of The Finance Girl shares her journey of going from dreaming to doing on The Big Leap Show podcast
“I realized my emotional health is something that is so much more important to me and that I had to put it first above my student loan debt.”
Natalie Bacon of The Finance Girl

Natalie’s advice for big dreamers looking to turn their blog into a business:

  • Spend as much time (if not more) promoting your content.  When Natalie first started blogging, she would often write three blog posts a week.  After reading Ruth Soukup’s, How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul she shifted to focusing her energy writing one high quality blog post a week and spending the rest of her time promoting that post.  The result?  She not only saw a huge increase in website traffic, but she was also much happier.
  • If you want to turn your blog into a business decide to be committed and become laser focused.  When Natalie first started she did it just for fun.  When she began realizing that she wanted the blog to potentially be a business, she shifted her mindset to really commit to growing it strategically.  Although it’s takes her an incredible amount of work and commitment, she finds the time spent more rewarding because she feels she is really helping others.
  • Get involved in the online communities.  Natalie’s blog first started picking up momentum after she began more actively and consistently commenting on other blogs, in Facebook groups and using Pinterest.  3 years later she’s see growth from seeing 2,500 – 3,000 page views a day.  While this has been the best strategy for her blog, Natalie advices that each blog and audience is different and recommends playing around to see what works for your blog.  Once you find what works, stick to that and kick ass in it :)

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